Experts in K9 Training, Security Use of K9s, Detection, Defeat & Avoidance

Guardian Defense Group and their teaming partner, Baden K9, offer a variety of K9 training courses.

Baden K9 is a world leader in providing highly trained military & police K9s. Baden K9 specializes in all types of K9 operations & training and has deployed worldwide in roles of force protection, enabler teams, anti-poaching, in close protection, home & estate protection, tracking, and veteran service dogs.

They are a highly specialized group of quiet industry leaders in all types of K9 Operations.

In this particular course, designed for the SOF Operator, GDG and Baden K9 will open their tool kit to the inner workings of how K9s work with their handlers to operate in a military or security environment.

More importantly, Baden K9 will show the operator how to employ tools to avoid, escape, deter, and defeat K9s.

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