Cognitive Science Meets
Leadership Excellence

Guardian Defense Group utilizes its deep operational and behavioral science expertise to offer a full suite of leadership development services.

In collaboration with their clients, Guardian will identify the best candidates for promotion, coach emerging and current leadership, and train the next generation of leaders.

Our staff includes doctoral level, certified coaching experts with real world leadership experience.

While we operate across the leadership spectrum, our deepest expertise lies in high-demand/ high-risk, classified, and culturally complex leadership environments.

Our capability areas include:

Leadership Assessment

Guardian’s doctoral level experts provide full spectrum leadership and 360-degree assessment at all phases of leader identification and development.

Leadership Training

Guardian assists with developing new leaders and honing the skill sets of experienced leaders. Our approach integrates exposure and instruction in leadership fundamentals, principles of leadership in high-performance, high-risk environments, leading across cultures, leadership in times of change, and managing troubled and/or disgruntled employees and players.

Coaching to Maximize Potential

Guardian utilizes expert coaches to assist individuals and teams with emerging leaders to fully develop potential, seasoned leaders to reach individual, athletic and corporate goals, and assist troubled leaders to get back on track. Teams establish, repair, and/or maintain cohesiveness and maximum efficiency.

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