Supercharging the Human Weapon System

Guardian recognizes the stress, adversity, and challenges placed on today’s “human weapon system” and has developed responsive and interactive solutions to address key challenges within this area.

Human Enterprise Longevity Individualized Optimization Solution (HELIOS)

Understanding the psychological profile of a candidate can help guide and coach the candidate into their best fit. It can also help determine best fit for teams, areas of operation with cross-cultural smoothing, and assessment.

The Guardian team takes this information to enable tailored holistic fitness and health coaching for a candidate, focusing on specific characteristics like adaptability, resiliency, recovery, and longitudinal wellness. We understand that it is key to discern the personality types of candidates and how operating in the grey area will impact their own lives.

Our goal is to establish rapport with target candidates, learn about their experiences, and try to intervene before poor coping mechanisms are established.

The HELIOS approach enables Guardian to provide the highest caliber of service in areas such as:

  • Performance Assessment and Coaching
  • Motivation Training
  • Mindset Training

  • Resilience Coaching

  • Military, Family, and Life Coaching

  • Health and Wellbeing Coaching

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