Thriving In Chaos

Today’s geo-political environment includes a global pandemic and competing near-peer threat actors. These threats create complex problems that require complex solutions.

Our operational and corporate teams consist of former military and intelligence personnel who are personally invested and motivated to contribute in the future success of SOF missions and operators.

The kinship and familial nature of the community is rarely understood or appreciated by those who do not have the personal backgrounds of service or support within SOF. We recognize that training within these environments is fundamentally different from anything normal people ever experience; the individuals who support candidates for these professions must be trainers and mentors who personally understand the weight of responsibility that will rest on their shoulders.

Working side-by-side with GDG operational psychologists, our training staff offers a wide variety of customized training course for Special Operations mission profiles. Below are a few examples of our more popular SOF courses.

By The Numbers

Years of Experience
SMEs with PHDs
Warfighters and Advisors Trained
Years of Contemporary Adult Learning Principals and Methodologies