Holistic Health Solutions for the Human Performance System

Guardian recognizes the potential long-term impact of injuries, trauma, and stress upon the “human performance system” and has developed highly responsive and interactive solutions to address key challenges within performance environment.

The Guardian team utilizes a variety of information to create tailored holistic programs to optimize client performance and assist them in reaching their full potential. Coaching focuses on specific characteristics such as leadership, adaptability, resiliency, recovery, and longitudinal wellness.

We understand that it is key to discern the personality types of clients and how operating at a sub-optimal level will impact their own lives.

Our goal is to establish rapport with clients, learn about their experiences, and try to intervene before poor coping mechanisms are established.

When assessing fitness for performance, these relationships enable Guardian staff to advise the stakeholders on possible ethical, performance, or professional problems in the candidates’ behaviors that can help guide follow-on decisions and performance.

Guardian’s individualized approach focuses on the intangible motivations that drive the candidates and clients.

These include concepts such as morality, values, motivations, beliefs, spirituality, work ethic, goals, etc.

After synthesizing all available data, we develop a clear picture of who the candidate is, what made them who they are, how they comport themselves today, and what drives the choices they make (giving us a window into what we can likely expect from them in the future).

Guardian’s coaches train these individuals in a variety of mental skills to help these individuals maximize their performance and reach their full potential.