Operational Psychologist - SPECIAL WARFARE PROGRAM

Coronado CA,Virginia Beach Virginia

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Naval Special Warfare Leadership Assessment Program (NLAP) is a program where leaders undergo personal assessments for future leadership selection and slating. Part of this process includes behavioral assessment, to include a psychological assessment to determine selection eligibility. The integration of psychological assessments into NLAP supports the assessment of most qualified leaders. This also allows assessment of executive and behavior risks of candidates to facilitate the best panel decisions and reduce counterproductive leadership. The contractor shall provide two (2) personnel who are licensed psychologists who meet these qualifications:

  • Education - Minimum possess doctorate in psychology.
  • Experience - Possess ten (10) years of experience working with personnel assessment and selection. At least five (5) of the ten (10) years must include experience working with active-duty military populations. This experience must be part of the assessment and selection process.
  • Must be subject matter experts with practical experience with multiple group-administered cognitive and non-cognitive psychological testing instruments.
  • A minimum of secret security clearance is required.

Applicant Requirements

Specific Tasks 

1. Psychological Test Interpretation. The contractor shall review all available psychological testing, provided by the Government of candidates as assigned by the Government. The purpose of the review is to identify psychological strengths, vulnerabilities, and areas for personal and professional development. The contractor shall use psychological instruments provided and selected for use by the Government.

2. Candidate Record Review. The contractor shall review all records made available concerning candidate performance in the program supported to prepare for psychological interviews and/or panel interview support.

3.  Psychological Assessments. The contractor shall use government-designed structured assessment worksheets and shall ensure that each assessment covers the areas outlined on the worksheet. The worksheets will be provided within 10 days after contract award. The assessment shall be conducted in a fashion that combines traditional clinical assessment techniques with techniques designed to obtain critical historical information from the candidate that aids in assessing suitability for the program. Results will be part of the candidate    panel report and candidate feedback report which are large tools prepared for by the Government.

4. Psychological Observation. Upon request of the Government, the contractor shall use government-designed record sheets or technology to record behavioral observations of operators performing a variety of tasks. The contractor shall ensure that each observation covers the areas outlined in the record forms. Observations shall reflect   objective descriptions of behaviors that are associated with the critical attributes necessary in assessing suitability for the program being supported. Results will be part of the candidate panel report and candidate feedback report.

5. Panel interview support. The contractor shall provide a succinct summary of the data collected on a candidate to a     designated Government board who will render a final decision on the candidate. 6. Candidate Feedback. The contractor shall provide an individual feedback report on all designated candidates to the Government board. The report format is determined by the government.

This will be delivered as a data summary for each candidate. The data summary shall contain information derived from interviews, psychological testing, behavioral observations, peer evaluations, and other course performance information. The contractor shall integrate the data with the attributes identified as critical to success in a command billet and strategic potential. The contractor shall present an expert opinion regarding risk to the panel (i.e., executive risk, behavior risk, counterproductive behavior risk, etc.). The contractor shall communicate the findings to panel in language that avoids the use of technical psychological jargon and uses terms that reflect an intimate understanding of the supported program background and priorities. The contractor shall also focus in on areas that NLAP identifies as critical and/or pertinent to the decision-making process. The contractor shall remain a non- voting consultant to the panel. The contractor shall provide a report of findings to appropriate government personnel within NLAP. The report format is determined by the government.

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Job Type: Full -Time

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