Army Talent Management Task Force Command Assessment Program

Fort Knox

Job Description

In January and February of 2020, the Army Talent Management Taskforce (ATMTF), in coordination with partners from across the Army, conducted the Army’s inaugural Battalion Command Assessment Program (BCAP). This program included in-person assessments focused on determining an officer’s readiness for command and their potential. If determined “ready for command” at BCAP, the officer’s performance on multiple assessments combined with results from the Centralized Selection Board (CSL) determined the Order of Merit List (OML) approved by the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA). The Army used this list to determine who would be a principal select and who would be an alternate select. An important aspect of BCAP consisted of psychometric assessment batteries, observation during peer team events, and psychological interviews. These events were used to inform an interview panel on the candidates’ readiness for command. Additionally, psychologists provided feedback to each individual candidate. The BCAP has evolved into the Command Assessment Program (CAP) that will assess and select both battalion and brigade level command, command sergeants major, and key billets. The CAP will continue to use psychological assessments to determine a candidate’s readiness for command and key billets. The current CAP process will provide results for future Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Centralized Selection List (CSL) assignments, Command Sergeants Major CSL assignments, Chaplains Assessment Program, Acquisition Leader Assessment Program, Medical Command Assessment Program, and any potential future additions (e.g., reserve component integration). Objectives - The integration of psychological assessments into the Command Assessment Program supports the assessment and selection of the most qualified candidates. Specific objectives of this contract are: • Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments incorporating all available sources of assessment results and information. • Assess leadership risks of candidates to facilitate the best panel decisions, which will reduce counterproductive leadership throughout the Army. • Provide holistic feedback during a developmental outbrief to candidates using all the data collected as part of the CAP process.

Applicant Requirements

The contractor shall be a licensed clinical psychologist, who has demonstrated assessment effectiveness and meet these qualifications:

• Education - Possess doctorate in clinical psychology or counseling psychology. • Experience - Possess ten (10) years of experience working with personnel assessment and selection or work suitability interviews. At least five (5) of the ten (10) years must include experience working with active-duty military populations. This experience must include the review and interpretation of cognitive and non-cognitive psychometric testing instruments as part of an assessment and selection process. If contractor does not have the required years of experience, the contractors must be approved by the Operational Psychology Troop (OPT) OIC. • Psychometric testing instruments - Must be subject matter experts with practical experience with multiple group-administered cognitive and non-cognitive psychological testing instruments.

Dates: 29 Sept 2022 to 18 Nov 2022 - open slots available throughout iteration

Clearance Needed: No Common Access Cards (CAC) will be issued unless you currently have one through the DoD

Additional Information

Salary: Will discuss with serious inquiries

Job Type: 1099 (Independent Contractor)

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